Linton Gordon says Government should change selection method used to choose Police Commissioners

Analyst says Government should assess method used in choosing a Police Commissioner

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Linton GordonOne Analyst believes now is the opportune time for the Government to conduct a comprehensive evaluation of the Jamaica Constabulary Force, and the method by which a Police Commissioner is appointed.

News broke on the weekend that Police Commissioner George Quallo will be exiting office this week, after just nine months as Chief Constable.

This was confirmed by the Police Service Commission, which said Mr Quallo will be proceeding on pre-retirement leave this Wednesday, January 31.

Analyst and Attorney-at-Law Linton Gordon says the sudden departure of Mr Quallo, could be attributed to the lack of decisive and quick action taken by the commissioner, against those responsible, in the aftermath of the Palisadoes debacle.

He also suggested, that the open confrontation between Mr Quallo and the National Security Minister in relation to his report on the Palisadoes matter, and possible frustration over the lack of resources in the JCF, may have also played a part, in him deciding to leave his post.

Mr Gordon says what is needed now, is for the government to carry-out a thorough assessment of the rank structure of the JCF.

He however did not spare the out-going Police Commissioner whom he said showed no enthusiasm for the job.

Mr Gordon commented on the caliber of person whom he believes should replace Mr Quallo.

Analyst and Attorney-at-Law, Linton Gordon.

The Professor Gordon Shirley-Led Police Service Commission is expected to meet today, to start the process of appointing an acting commissioner.

The PSC had said an Acting Commissioner will be appointed for the brief period, prior to the appointment of a new Commissioner.

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