Jamaican Entertainers Lash Out Against H&M

Queen Ifrica & Foota Hype Speak Out Against H&M

H&MIn the midst of international celebrities floundering out against popular clothing retailer H & M Hennes & Mauritz for an offensive racist advertisement, some Jamaican entertainers have weighed in on the backlash.

Controversial dancehall selector Oniel Foota Hype Thomas took to social media to not only question the misappropriation of the advertisement but to also ask who has held the child’s parents accountable, because he could not have been a part of the advertisement without their initial permission.


Jah know some parents have no moral it’s all about the money for them smh h&m fucked up big time but the parents are 10 times worst .

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Meanwhile female singer Queen Ifrica, posted a side by side photo of a black boy and white boy, expressing how disrespectful it was to see this unfold, and that this is exactly what people like herself have been trying to get rid of in the world. Ifrica also shared that as a regular shopper at H&M she has mixed feelings going forward.


H&M has come under heavy fire receiving mass backlash for a recent advertisement featuring a black boy and has since issued an apology stating deep regret. H&M says they have also removed the image form their channels and have withdrawn the product offering.

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