Bugle Feeds The Homeless And Poor In Kingston

Bugle Feeds The Poor And Homeless

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Homeless And PoorArtistes Bugle, his team (Franchise, Sam Gotti and Samboni) and compatriots Voicemail, joined forces on New Years day in a humanitarian effort, to cook and feed hundreds of homeless and poor Jamaican across the Kingston and St. Catherine metropolis.

Traversing the Corporate Area the team made stops in Half-Way-Tree, Three Miles before culminating their journey at the Spanish Town infirmary. Despite performing at three concerts prior and getting no sleep, Bugle said he felt compelled to do his part to help the less fortunate.

Homeless And Poor

“You don’t have to be rich to help others, sometimes we as individuals, not just entertainers forget our purpose in life and are so focused on selfish desires that we tend to overlook the poor and neglected. So instead of talking about it, I decided to take action.”

After a successful 2017, Bugle is definitely kicking off the New Year in high gear with a newly secured international movie deal. The deal, brokered by Shelly-Ann Curran encompasses a five-year soundtrack partnership commencing with Bugle exclusively providing music for the upcoming Jamaican film ‘The Mango Girl’ produced by D Street Pictures. He will also be featured on the soundtrack for the 2018 production of ‘The Blue Mauritius’, the international heist film starring Anthony Mackie (Avengers, Captain America), John Rhys-Davies (Lord of the Rings, Indiana Jones), Oscar-nominated French legend Gerard Depardieu (Life of Pi) and German actor, Thomas Kretschmann (Central Intelligence, Hitman: Agent 47) among a plethora of other global superstars.

Alluding to the deal Bugle said, “this is an unprecedented move and a first for our industry where a single Reggae artiste will be featured on an entire soundtrack of an international film. It’s a great look and will open a lot of doors for other acts in the genre and more opportunities for Jamaica.”

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