Morgan Heritage to launch New Business and Perform at the (ICBC) in Kauai, Hawaii

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ICBCAn historical performance with Reggae on Wall Street are some of the highlights for Grammy award-winning Morgan Heritage. The Grammy award-winning international stars who just performed nationally at the New York Stock Exchange 94th annual tree lighting ceremony, have announced the launching of “Golden”, their hemp based CBD infused alkaline water, and presenting Masaya CBD Oil.

Taking part of the International Cannabis Business Conference in Kauai, Hawaii, the reggae band joined Cannabis industry professionals and reform activists from around the globe to come together to share ideas and network. While Morgan Heritage is slated for an anticipated performance, the siblings entrepreneurship have debuted the alkaline water powered by Jardin, a Cannabis dispensary in Las Vegas, Nevada, and the hemp oil. Inspired by Gramps Morgan’s son suffered having internal seizures, the hemp oil based company owned by Gramps and the scientist mother of his son, was created in order to give their son a better life.



For more information on “Golden”, please visit www.jardincannabis.com, while Masaya CBD Oil product information can be found at  www.masayaworld.com

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