Masicka will not perform at Galiday Bounce 2017

Masicka will not perform at Galiday Bounce - publicist

Irina Mossi “Just for One Night“

Galiday Bounce 2017Dancehall Deejay Masicka will not be appearing at this year’s Galiday Bounce 2017 show in Ocho Rios, St Ann Saturday.

“We were not contracted to perform at this show so we want our fans to know that Masicka will not be performing because we don’t want to develop a reputation as a no-show artiste. We respect our fans but the nature of the dancehall music industry is that sometimes you do favours for promoters and it leads to negative repercussions for your brand. So going forward, Masicka will only be doing shows for which he is legally contracted and for which he receives his full booking fee,” a publicist for Masicka Claude Mills explained.

On Christmas Day, Masicka, who is known for the songs ‘Energy’, ‘Kill Quick’ and ‘Top Striker’, was said to be unable to perform at the GT Taylor Xtravaganza because of a double booking and ‘logistical problems’ caused from a punctured tyre.

“We honour all our contractual obligations and we respect our Genasyde fans so we are moving quickly to protect our brand; once we receive our full booking fee, the show is on,” the publicist said.

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