Since Vybz Kartel Mhm hm song natural juice increases

Mhm hm! - sales of natural juice increases after song's release

Irina Mossi Love Detective

natural juice‘Mhm hm’, from Clarks to the higglers downtown and now the man selling his natural juice,…incarcerated dancehall artiste Vybz Kartel has impacted another business helping it to flourish.

Twenty-seven-year-old, Dorando Miller, from downtown Kingston the founder of ‘Life Juices’ revealed that while his business had been growing, the sales of his natural juices tripled since he changed the brand of his product to reflect the title of Vybz Kartel song “Mhm hm”.

“The people who buy it, every time dem see mi dem say: Gi mi a ‘Back Up Inna,’ and mi friend dem round me a say fi work wid the slang cause yu done know Teacha a di boss,” Said Miller

“I did a do the blend up long before Kartel do di song, but mi say mi a put di slang pon it and gi it a try cause ‘Buck Up Inna’ a run di place. So mi just try it, and mi just use di slang and it took off,” he said.

“It (sales) more than increase. Yeah, man. It tun up. People from all over a call me. People from Philadelphia and Canada a ask if me can send dem and people from all over Jamaica a call me, every minute mi phone ring,” he added.


Miller also revealed that with the increase in sales he now employs three of his friends to assist him.

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