PopCaan continues to fight for better roads in St. Thomas

PopCaan’s native St. Thomas continues to fight for better roads

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St. ThomasDancehall deejay Popcaan is receiving support from St. Thomas,Two months after his peaceful protest for better roads.

In continuing what the Unruly Boss started, today residents of the parish are protesting across St Thomas. The protest is for taxi operators to stay off the road, and for schools in the parish to remain closed until they have better roads to make their daily traverse easier.

Meanwhile, others are calling for the parish to be cut from the rest of the island so other parishes can pay for the resources that St Thomas provides.

In September, Popcaan staged a peaceful protest in his hometown against the deplorable state of the roads in the parish. Following the move, the dancehall deejay later met with Member of Parliament, Dr. Fenton Ferguson.

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