Owners Wants More Money for Marcus Garvey Property in St Ann

Owners of Marcus Garvey Lands in St Ann Wants More Money for Property

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Marcus Garvey Property
Marcus Garvey Property

The attorney for the owners of the childhood home of National Hero Marcus Garvey wants the government to look over the compensation settlement made to the family and consider relocating them.

The occupants received a letter dated October 18, with the decision of the commissioner of lands made in 2011 to give them $3.2 million as compensation and six weeks to leave the property.

Their attorney Linton Gordon said the owners of the property were at a disadvantage as they had no legal representation at the meeting.

There are six adults and one child living in three houses at 32-year-old Marcus Garvey Way in St Ann’s Bay St Ann. They are in possession of the title to the property some have been living there for over 50 years.

Successive administrations have made announcements and taken steps to have the premises renovated in honour of the first national hero.

Mr Gordon explains that the government approached the matter under a law that gives it the right to compulsorily acquire someone’s property especially in cases where the property is needed in the national interest.

Mr Gordon who represents one of the occupants Colleen Johnson, says he has written to the authorities indicating that the property should not only be valued at the market value, but other elements such as historical value should be taken into account. He adds that earnings to be had from the property when developed should be taken into consideration in determining compensation.

Ms Johnson said she feels disrespected over how the issue is being dealt with.

Meantime, Mr Gordon says the authorities should be able to find 40 to fifty million dollars to build three houses to relocate the family .

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