OCA investigation assault of Trelawny boy

OCA continues intervention in alleged assault of Trelawny boy

Trelawny boyThe Office of the Childrenโ€™s Advocate (OCA) is continuing its intervention into the case involving a seven-year-old boy from Clarks Town primary school in Trelawny, who was assaulted by other male students.

The boy, who is in grade two, was reportedly sodomized with a stick. The child is currently receiving medical attention. The other boys involved in the matter are also from grade two.

A team from the OCA visited the school yesterday (Nov 8). Statements were collected from the mother and child victim yesterday.

Childrenโ€™s Advocate, Mrs. Diahann Gordon-Harrison says her team continues to collect the necessary statements.

She highlighted some of the areas that will be assessed to determine the necessary intervention.


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