ambiance salle d'accueil, le 10 novembre 2017

Metropop Festival 2017

Irina Mossi “Just for One Night“

Metropop Festival 2017
ambiance salle d’accueil, le 10 novembre 2017

Metropop Festival 2017

The 17th edition of the Metropop Festival was held in Lausanne on 9, 10 and 11 November. 3 evenings, 3 different atmospheres, the hallmark of the festival. Nearly 3000 people went to the Salle Métropole at the end of autumn. It’s on a note artistically positive that the demonstration ended late at night.

We will rise including the concert of Asaf Avidan and that of the French revelation of The Blaze.

A first evening with the Geneva trio Duck Duck Gray Duck who transformed the stage into a huge bamboo plantation in which he presented his latest tracks with rock sounds American blues.

Then came the concert of Asaf Avidan where we could savor the whole sensitivity and enchantment of his so particular voice. The room fell under his spell from the first notes.

The evening with more electronic accents made a public come to discover the new French sensation The Blaze. A visually impeccable show that promises a beautiful to come up.

Hercules & the Love Affair have kept their promises by ensuring show with a revival atmosphere of the electronic music of the 80s and 90s.

Gramatik gave the public an unbridled show and inflamed the audience.

Saturday, the Metropole hall was unleashed on the sounds of an eclectic reggae: Pablo Moses, faithful to his charisma, delighted the followers of Rastafarianism just as the group French Dub Inc.

whose audience has resumed in chorus his committed refrains.

The Jamaican Succession Raging Fyah took the Metropop to the reggae planet with all the heat and smell of Kingston.

Unfortunately, at the financial level, the event will wrap in the red numbers for a third consecutive year.

Building 14, a nonprofit organization and organizer of the Metropop Festival since 17 years will lead, in-house, a thorough reflection to determine the best way forward.

This process will obviously be done at rest, once the accounts are closed, so to have a really clear vision of the situation.

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