Marcus Garvey bust vandalised at UWI

Garvey bust at UWI vandalised

Irina Mossi “Just for One Night“

UWIFormer University of the ( UWI ) West Indies lecturer and literary scholar Professor Carolyn Cooper is condemning the defacement of the Marcus Garvey bust in the courtyard of the Faculty of Humanities and Education.

Last night, images surfaced online of the bust splattered with yellow paint and bird feathers, with a sign on a cardboard stating “take down this fake statue”.

The image circulated hours after a bill was passed in the House of Representatives to absolve Jamaica’s National Heroes of criminal charges.

Dr. Cooper says, the vandals took it a step too far, by defacing public property.

She says she hopes the people who committed the act will be caught and punished.

The current bust was installed on August 27 to replace a previous bust of the hero, following outcry from various sections of the society, including members of the Rastafarian movement, arguing that the statue was not a true depiction of Garvey.


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