© Pierre Descombes Michèle Müller (Paléo) 2017

Jah 9 And Inna De Yard Shines At Paleo Festival 2017

Reggae at Paleo 2017

Irina Mossi Love Detective

Paleo Festival 2017
© lionel flusin
Michèle Müller (Paléo)

The 2017 staging of Paleo Festival on Thursday saw Jah 9 in full effect with two performances one being a acoustic set.

Jah 9 had the crowed rocking to every beat in a trance like vibe with her melodic and spiritual message of rastafari.

“Inna De Yard” musically fusion of reggae and rastafari ‎Nyahbinghi is unique the to movement.

The band consist of Kiddus, Cedric Myton, Winston Mcanuss, plus upcoming artistes Raschile and Kush.


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