Princess Kazayah Ft. Warrior King – You Can Do It [Remix]

Princess Kazayah - You Can Do It [Remix] Ft. Warrior King

Irina Mossi “Just for One Night“

Princess KazayahPrincess Kazayah teams up with international Reggae recording artist Warrior King to release her new single entitled “You Can Do It [Remix] Ft. Warrior King.” Originally “You Can Do It” featured on “Chimurenga: The People’s Struggle EP” released in 2016 by D.O.V.E. Muzik a Chicago, IL USA Roots Reggae record label. “You Can Do It” originally featured Princess Kazayah as the only vocalist & lyricist has now expanded and has formed into another version of an already great song with Warrior King featured on this version.

Kazayah using her angelic voice, catchy lyrics and melodies communicate without confusion her message she has encoded within her music. Not to mention Warrior King, as he adds to the sum no less than what he has been giving his supporters for the past decades plus. Focused on inspiring and helping others Princess Kazayah does just that by telling her audience that, “You can do anything that you want to do, it starts in your mind and your actions will follow though… you can do it I believe in you.” Those words of motivation from Kazayah she says its what helped her strive hard for what she wants in life whether it be spiritual well-being or material success.

Warrior King recently releasing his new album “Rootz Warrior” was on tour in the United States when he came to Chicago, IL USA and met Princess Kazayah at D.O.V.E. Muzik studio. After holding a vibe with the D.O.V.E. Muzik family Warrior King & Princess Kazayah got a chance to work together and share a “musical joy” in which work rendered fruits such as this new single “You Can Do It [Remix].”
Along with the single’s release accompanying the release is the release of the official music video shot by Wadadah II & Supa Nova and edited by Supa Nova. The music video features scenery from Jamaica, Belize and Chicago, IL USA.



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