Jamaican Man Slide On Water Fascinate Social Media

"The man who slide on the water" fascinates Twitter

Irina Mossi Love Detective

Jamaican Man SlideImmortalized by a video, a young man slips on the water of the receiving basin of a water slide. And goes out without sinking into the water. We’ll explain.
And you, the young man slips on the water, at the exit of the slide.

In recent days, Morgan Evick has been a huge success on Twitter, with a spectacular video shot during his vacation in Jamaica.

You can see a young man coming out of a water slide, slipping for about ten meters on the surface of the receiving basin and, without sinking into the water, leave the pool, in the same movement . Success guaranteed!

Useful precision: the image is absolutely not rigged and rests simply on physics.

Basically, thanks to the speed provided by the toboggan, the boy benefits from a propulsion force which, given his position on the surface of the water limiting the opposing forces of friction, allows him to slide on the water like a surf.

This delicate performance but one feels repeated by the young acrobat very proud of its effect is therefore not due to luck. (The morning)


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