Higher Grades In Four G-SAT Subjects

Improvement in Four G-SAT Subjects

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G-SATThe Jamaica Education Ministry has announce an improvement in four of the five subject areas in this year’s Grade Six Achievement Test G-SAT.

Education Minister, Senator Ruel Reid says there was an average four percent improvement in performance in Mathematics, Language Arts and Communication Task.

There was also a 1.7 percent increase in Social Studies.

Senator Reid says however that science has recorded a 4.5 percent reduction in this year’s performance.

He gave the breakdown of the results at a press conference at the ministry’s head office yesterday.

Senator Reid says the improvement resulted from strategies implemented over the past few years.

Meantime the Education Minister has revealed that for the first time in five years, male students had higher mean percentage score in Language Arts than that of the females.

Education Minister, Senator Ruel Reid.


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