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Mbombog Mbog BassongMbombog Mbog Bassong – comes from a strong Christianized family, a Christian maternal grandfather and a Christian paternal grandfather. In 1988, he meets Mbombog Nkoth Bisseck who marks the second turn of his life after that of Cheikh Anta Diop in 1986 in Paris. In the latter, he becomes aware of the importance of history for the awakening of Africa while the first ensures his initiatory education. Thus he decided to break with the Christian model and discovers, in the knowledge of Africa, a reservoir of knowledge from which humanity has barely drawn some teaching worthy of interest.

He wrote successively:

– The Foundations of the Rule of Law in pre-colonial Africa,

– Aesthetics of African Art-Symbolic and Complexity,

And finally, The Method of African Philosophy – From Complex Thought, published by L’Harmattan in 2007.

With the help of his friends in the diaspora, Jean-Louis KinndjocK and Wehiong André Désiré (WAD), the publication of his latest papers and books on the blog www.mbombog.wordpress .com /.

It is :

– African Epistemology, African Sociology,

– The economic theory of value

– The alternative to the crisis of global capitalism.

In this way, he operates a junction of African knowledge with his research on the impacts of meteorites, of which he is preparing a thesis on the theory of impactomorphism.

It shows, therefore, that the sacred rock of the Cameroonian bassa, bati and mpo’o peoples, Ngog Lituba, is indeed the result of a meteorite impact which the Bati, guardians of the sanctuary, still possess the memory of a meteorite ‘Being slaughtered in this space. In the Bassa language, the meteorite is designated by nyemb ngii, meaning death from heaven.

The challenge of such coupled research between the sciences of the universe and African thought is to show how Africans have realized a theory of knowledge whose cosmology is the basis, and where the physical, chemical, Biological and human relations are superimposed.

In this, African thought can claim to rationalize the science of complexity in terms of the organization of mind, ideas and myths. In this sense, Order and Disorder are inscribed as conceptual categories of African rationality that go beyond yin and Asian yan, in that they formulate a new Maat component, an emergence whose spiral form Condenses the geometry of the contents of the universe.

It is the ontological theory of the Whole that the cosmologists (infinitely large) and quantum physicists (infinitely small) confusedly seek. On this basis, it can be affirmed that African thought condenses, before any other thought, the completed dimension of the ideal of being of the human mind. The thinker Edgar Morin, in his last book, which we patiently await, The Way, will have to tell us in what way the development of the human mind will not find in African Philosophical Universalism the order of the reasons capable of reconciling the ” Man with nature and from which he seeks, is pressed, the solution.

As much as to say, Africa must reappropriate this thought, if it wants to weigh with all its weight in the planetary political order that is being made.

That is his vocation.

God bless Africa.

Mbombog Mbog Bassong is at the Ministry of Culture, Training Geologist, Egyptologist, Meteorist, Planetologist and Writer.
Researcher on the relations between the sciences of the universe and the regulation of human societies, I am Mbombog initiated in the ancestral order of the Mbog in the Bassa of Cameroon.


E-mail : bassongmbog@yahoo.com

Tel : 00237 – 99724061

Blog : https://mbombog.wordpress.com/

Site :  http://www.mbogyes.com/

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