Japanese Wins Boom Sound Clash 2017

Boom Sound Clash 2017, selector says foreigners embarrassing us

Boom Sound ClashBoom Sound Clash 2017 has concluded, with Japanese sound system Yard Beat Sound walking away the winners over Jamaica’s Bass Odyssey.

This victory comes amidst Japanese deejay Rankin Pumpkin is a fan favourite in the Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall competition.

Sound system manager Tall Boss of Di Unit believes the local music industry is getting a much needed wake-up call.

Boom Sound Clash

Tall Man said the current situation is an embarrassment to the Jamaican music industry.

Best representation

“I am embarrassed from a selector point of view. I cannot believe this was the best representation of our culture, however Yard Beat must be commended because they did their research and took note of how to please a Jamaican crowd,” he said.

Controversial selector Boom Boom also chimed in to accuse the Japanese sound of ‘buying out’ patrons from the Tower Hill community.

However Tall Man begged to differ and instead advised that Jamaican selectors study the music since foreigners are now dominating them on their own turf.

“These selectors are only playing songs that are current. You must learn to play music outside of your era, that is why I have my selectors study the music. We have to get familiar with music from the ’70s and ’80s and not just ‘top ten song’,” he said.

The Boom clash final saw Bass Odyssey taking the first two rounds seamlessly.

However following their controversial loss of the ‘Super Cat Challenge’ round to Yard Beat, the veterans seemed to have been thrown off their game plan and ended up at the bottom of the point standing when the clash concluded.

Boom Sound ClashThe event, held at the Cling Cling Oval on Olympic Way, was also marred by a late start which caused the police to intervene at minutes after 3 a.m. to demand its conclusion.

Seasoned comedian Johnny Daley was forced to race the rounds as the police stood with arms folded.

The event was attended by several artistes including Prime Minister Andrew Holiness, Member of Parliament for the area.




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