Bob Marley One Love Ice Cream

Bob Marley Gets One Love Ice Cream?

Irina Mossi Love Detective

One LoveAmerican ice cream brand Ben and Jerry’s has partnered with the Bob Marley Foundation and the Marley family to create their newest flavour. ”One Love”, a banana, caramel, graham crackers swirl, with fudge peace signs, is a flavour created with a purpose.

‘Great flavour for a great cause,’ was the theme at the recently launched One Love Ice Cream party which saw performances by Ziggy Marley and his kids children doing a rendition of ‘Three Little Birds’ and ‘One Love.’

The ice cream created as an inspiration from Marley’s legendary music and activism through his philosophy of peace, love and togetherness is in direct support of the One Love Youth Camp in St. Ann. Proceeds from each pint of ice cream sold will go towards empowering Jamaican youth through art, music and creative expression.

Ben and Jerry’s Bob Marley’s One Love was launched this week in Los Angeles California with limited batch editions available to all Ben and Jerry’s distributors worldwide.

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