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Rifical GageBiography Romel Harvey

Romel Harvey “Rifical Gage” is born on the 17.09.1995 in Kingston, Jamaica. Gage is born in the center of dancehall where dancers like Shelly belly and Bogle originate from. From 2008 he started dancing and had the first success by winning JCDC dance competition at Norman Manly High school.  After finishing Norman Manly in 2012, that’s when Gage joined Rifical Team as a full-time member. They team attended street parties to gain attention and quickly started getting people’s recognition. Rifical Gage have worked with:

Rifical Gage is from Kingston, Jamaica and straight out of the dance crew Rifical Team. Gage started dancing in 2008 and have since then worked with many great artist such as Razor B, Richie Stephens, Chi Chi Ching and many more. Rifical Gage has made steps such as: Force attack, Jungle Jesus and Military and is ready to teach them, with all the rest of the spiritual Rifical steps for his first Europe tour!

  • Richie Stepshens
  • Munga
  • Chi Chi Ching
  • Gage
  • KFC Tour for 10 weeks
  • Work for Irie FM
  • Razor B
  • RDX
  • Vybz Kartel
  • Mavado

And the list goes on. This has been mixed jobs with music video, roadshow, and choreographed show.

The team and Gage himself have build up a large fan base in Europe, and have multiple tourist coming too Jamaica too catch their newest dance moves. They teach their steps on their HQ in the heart of Kingston, so you dance in the streets where the steps where created. This is the fan base, that also help book the dancers when they reach Europe. Gage biggest dance steps are:

  • Military
  • Force attack
  • Move to dem
  • Happy time
  • Jungle Jesus


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