Jamaica College Omarion Davis

Omarion DavisOmarion Davis Jamaica college class 3 athlete in the 8hundred and 4hundred meter events.

He qualified for the 8hundred meter final at boys champs 2017.

Track and field wasn’t his first choice of sports his favorite sports is football how he ended up on the track team is when he was at summer school at Jamaica collage when he didn’t knew the Pepsi team was being picked already when he went he was furious at the time and still determine to make the squad in the evenings after school he would go to there training practice until one evening his mother found out what he was doing and call his farther to spoke to him his father was also upset and told him to go try out for the track team Omarion mother also agreed white Omarion father to try out for the track team where he now excels and doing great at each meets he attend from Camperdown classics to the Gibson relay and at the GC foster collage now he’s at the 2017 boys and girls champs for the first time doing great.

His parents see his talent from he was at basic school.

Omarion DavisOmarion Davis


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