Coral Gardens Benevolent Society Dissatisfied With Prime Minister’s Apology

Coral Gardens Benevolent SocietyThe Coral Gardens Benevolent Society is not totally happy with the governments apology made yesterday regarding the killing of several Rastafarians over 50 years ago.

Chair of the society, Ika Tafara says the apology from Prime Minister Andrew Holness, lacks respect.

Ika Tafara
Ika Tafara

This as the Rastafarian Community is yet to be included in discussions about the Coral Gardens incident and how government can atone for it.

Tafara says the apology is, nevertheless, a step in the right direction, as it is an admission of guilt.

The society chair was speak at a gathering of members of the Rasta community in Half Way Tree, to commemorate the 54 Anniversary of the Coral Gardens massacre.

In 1963, the security forces went into the St James Community to quell a disturbance at a gas station, which eventually resulted in a massacre of scores of Rastafarians.

Prime Minister Andrew Holness told parliament yesterday that the government will strive to ensure that unjust incidents such as Coral Gardens are never allowed to happen again.

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