Taxi Operators In Portmore Protest Over Recent Attacks On Women And Children

Irina Mossi Love Detective

A number of taxi operators on Tuesday demonstrated in Portmore, St Catherine in protest against a series of recent attacks on children and females across the country.

The taxi operators withdrew their service and instead, drove around the large municipality spreading their message for peace and public order.

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The unusual protest got under way at the Greater Portmore Police Station.

Among the exercise, the operators expressed concern about persons posing as taxi operators and abducting and sexually assaulting women and children.

The operators pointed to the need for a taxi park in the Portmore Mall, to facilitate regulated taxi operations, to restore order in the area.

The protest drew wide-scale attention across the municipality.

The police, over recent days, have issued public warnings about the danger of females taking taxis a range of circumstances, and have given guidelines for females to use in taking the vehicles, especially at nights.

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