Marcus Garvey Biopic To Be Released This Year 2017

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A Marcus Garvey film has been in the pipeline for some years now, and it seems 2017 is finally the year the world will see this well needed Marcus Garvey Biopic.

The film which was first put in works in 2012 is finally in motion.

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Jamaican born model turned actor, Kevin Navayne will play the role of Marcus Garvey.

Filming is currently underway in Jamaica, New York City and New Orleans. The film will be directed by Steven Anderson from a script penned by Jodi Sallinder. The cast is said to include Dennis Haysbert as Marcus Garvey Senior, Janet Hubert as Garvey’s mother as well as Tobin Bell, Rashan Stone and Christian Campbell.

With hopes of a fall release in September, the Marcus Garvey Biopic will be based on the life and death of Jamaica’s first National Hero Marcus Garvey.

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