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I okeme Robinson Otherwise known as G sudden from watson Grove gregory park saint Catherine was born on June 21,1995 I started muzik in june 2010 when I was

in forth form attending the Cumberland high school in portmore St. Catherine an was doing small deejaying in front of school kids it was den I know talent was in me. 

Just like my big cousin Princess Tyah who entered digicel rising stars an come second after brown sugar that really motivated me to push forward it was on a Friday a stage show was keeping in my community Watson Grove called Gaza Friday an when it is keeping every body from. 

Christian pen, Watson Grove and Gregory park people come out the night was hot Artist like Tolerance, Providence, ijahbar, Bookfa, colla banks janspee an alfanso Hittis perform that night I was so brave an ready that night I make a plan that me ago make the MC call mi up (Dogist) an prove my self to the fans at that time my name they called me was hot grabba when I was called up the crowd was. 

Shooting hot grabba hot grabba I dj a song I wrote name run out pon dem first performance aggressive an the stage that night the crowd Never know I had it in me even my self G sudden most of all. 

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The people in my community never know I could dj that night was really a blessing the fan give me a good feed back an when couple days pass me name still a call. Say a me take the stage show the youngest DJ from that night I feel music running thru my vanes seriously never know that I was going to do music cause my dream was to study in agricultural science an have a career in the field. It was den I started play soccer for the community under 15 team in Watson grove it was den I got to know Oneil Thomas otherwise known ijahbar he help coach the team he was the Asistant coach at dat time an it was. 

An a road across from the ball field I get to know a youth call colla banks say him love how me deal wid the stage show him a DJ from 2008. 

An me an him talk about music an him did have a lot a songs lyrics flow an punch till me an him start par an me start write songs everyday I was practising my songs everyday an my phone my new song whe di girl dem deh after Run out pan dem which is my first song i wrote whe di girl dem deh the second song an colla banks tell me him have a producer link name Mr Robert he had a riddim called mad run an is label style entertainment him seh we can link him up one Tuesday we link him on we hear the riddim an a dj on it colla did have a song to record on the riddim also name mad run mean while me did a practice the song an him did love the two songs colla did a tell him to record us an the riddim an every time we call him after that he’s busy a work never have time fi record we so me seh to my self seh I can not wait an that producer till I start get serious wid my muzik one evening I was going to a shop an a road name dippo drive( Rasta shop) see a rasta man they called ijahbar in a the shop yard he his a jovial person I dont remember exactly how we started talk about music but I remember that he say to mi seh yuh can do you little dj thing man an till mi seh to him seh me want record a song that me well want do right now till mi hear him seh mi have mi own production company name Roolings Muzik production to so mi ask him if him can record me an a riddim an him seh we link man so every time me go football training an see him we talk go home from training so from that we start turn friends ijahbar did even start boil (soup) (stem fish) (fastival) (fry fish) etc an have me as him youth round him fi help him wid his business an him a help me get a little week money an we a role every day one day him take out his production file out of the house (jacap) (jamms) (jipro) documents an show me.

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His paper an tell me that he is a professional an him ago record me an him seh him production registered an show me his jacap ID den tell mi we a go studio this week so practice the song whe di girl dem deh an the bam sqash aka silent river riddim so one day he call me on my phone in the month of august on say link him round a the shop an him seh him ready to carry me go studio we take a bus a our bus top ago bayside on him stop the bus a passage fort in front of the portmore mall we walk to a yard near the road an he go into a yard that had a mango tree an call a man out of the house name nanko a producer engineer that record artist like king dogle,warrior king an more jost to name a few the two of dem talk an till nanko say make we go inna the studio. 

Entering a studio for the first time was a joyful thing an it was good ijahbar gave nanko the riddim an he put it into record me an his system he was using a digio02 mbox pro tools power systems I get into the booth an a remember every part of my second song that me ago record I take about 1:00 hour to record the song ijahbar help mi with the back up an ad lifts an the producer take half hour to mix an master the track when it was finish mix I was so glad I tell ijahbar seh mi ago start get serious wid music at school when I was in 5th form I was doing agricultural science at my school in the music room a music teacher name carrett donegan started a competition name last man standing with 4 artist including me the mine prize is to record for a big production company he had a link to he had a riddim name heart beat riddim so before he left Cumberland high school he record all 4 artist an it an my song I record name so special but Badmind an blood a run red was record as a promo track in 2012 I leave Cumberland high in july 2012 ofter done doing my studies in agriculture science I have a producer friend call jahvon from school so when I left Cumberland. 

I started record at Home Grown muzik I record run out pon dem my first song I bill before whe di girl dem deh in march 2013 an it was a youth name sadam whe mi par wid make I start link wid a lyrical sensation name sikka rymes he start learn to shut muzik vedios it was Sikka Rymes Sikk Flims shut run out pon dem youtube official video in june 2013 ofter whe di girl dem deh, so special, badmine, , these songs I record from 2011 to 2013 my producer ijahbar tell me about Duppy gun production looking Artist to record an he called me up to record me an bookfa we heard couple riddim an laid couple tracks Bookfa record press Bookfa press, in Watson Grove portmore an I G sudden record girls dem need mi, in Spanish Town angels so G sudden muzik life is continuing endlessly life goes an that was about G sudden from den till now.

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