David Rodigan Urges Broadcasters To Stop The Payola Practice

International disc jockey David Rodigan, is calling on broadcasters who engage in payola to stop from the practice.

The award winning international disc jockey,  says people should know the difference between payola and business practice.

Speaking at a National Integrity Action (NIA), and Jamaica Reggae Industry Association Forum this morning (Feb 14), Mr. Rodigan said, there is a subtle difference between the two.

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Payola is defined as the practice of bribing someone in return for the unofficial promotion of a product in the media.

Mr. Rodigan said once direct corruption is involved, the act is wrong and inexcusable.

He said the subtle difference between payola and a business practice can become easily blurred.
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In the meantime, the NIA has agreed with the sentiments expressed by Mr. Rodigan regarding payola, noting that the practice is threatening to undermine the continuation of Jamaica’s musical legacy.

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