Vershon Took Son From Baby-Mother

Entertainer Vershon has took his one year old son from his mother.

The “Inna Real Life” singjay said that he was forced to take the child following his baby-mother’s attempts to bar him from seeing his son.

Vershon further explains that he will be keeping and caring for his son until a judge rule differently.

Vershon says his mother has since quit her day job to help him care for his one year old son.

Meanwhile his baby-mama has used the media platform to question the entertainer’s role as a father.

Kadian Maragh, the child’s 25-year-old mother, says she will
have to wait a few months before she can be reunited with her son, as
the court will hear her case later this year.

“He asked me for the baby two days before Christmas. I told him that
the baby is sick and he can’t come to see him until he is better. I
didn’t speak to him on WhatsApp. Him block mi, so I have to speak to his
cousin in Florida whenever I want to speak to him,”
she said.

In the meantime, Vershon has no plans of releasing his son to his baby-mother until the matter is resolved in the family court.

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