Teflon Thinks Dancehall Is Being Overrun By Gimmicks

Irina Mossi Love Detective

RASTAFARI singjay Sha-neil ”Teflon” Watson is urging “revolutionaries” to stand up for dancehall as the music is being overrun by gimmicks. “They don’t see that no record labels looking our way, and this wasn’t so in the past,” he said.

The singjay made the statement during an interview with Splash recently. “I am going to be that voice of truth within dancehall… because is crazy facade, lying and tricks going on in the industry now,” he said.

“The music need some more talented forerunners where it’s substance over hype. Hype don’t work outside of Jamaica, you just check out the event scene if any of these so-called acts that the industry highlighting as the ‘man’ headlining any of the major dancehall/reggae festivals. The Almighty had to preserve someone like I to return to remind the people that listen why this music is loved worldwide, because it was always about substance over hype…So it wasn’t about bleaching, tattoos, climbing tower, wearing contact lens, etc. I never do music for the hype…so I am not going to sit by and watch this music head into a wall because of some young drivers who don’t have any care in the world,” continued.

The entertainer spent most of last year touring Europe and promoting his 2015 set Young King.


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The Beginning. He said the lack of stage shows had a negative ripple effect on the economy.

“This has impacted the business aspect of the music. So what is happening is that the vendors, sound companies, lighting companies, tent companies, production companies, etc…that employ a lot of ghetto youths not benefiting from stage shows anymore. When a stage show keep, do you know how much poor people get employment and benefit from it? A lot! And, the fans are left cheated,
” he said.

Several shows were pulled from the calendar of events last year. These included annual Boxing Day one-night festival Sting and Jamaica Jazz and Blues.

He said for this year, the fans will be getting a lot more music and videos.

His latest songs include Pretty Likkle, Goiter, Balance It, Ramp Ruff, No Regrets and When U Bless.

His other hits include Bobo Run Out, Strive Fa Youths, Ghetto Youths Raise Up, Yard A Love, Long Long, She Say Please, JailhJailhouse Rock, Gun Raise, Matey Anthem and Love and Adore You.



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