Jamaica Government Pushing For Longer Prison Time For Gun Offenders

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The Jamaica government will be pushing for persons held for gun related offences to serve longer prison terms.

National security minister Robert Montague, says there will be legislative changes to the firearms act, to satisfy the provisions.

Statistics from the Constabulary Communication Unit revealed that the gun featured in well over 80 percent of the 13 hundred and 50 murders reported last year.

The national security minister says he will be tougher on gun crimes.

Mr Montague says the Firearms Licensing Authority will be instructed next week to audit licensed firearm holders

Meanwhile, Minister Montague is reiterating a number of measures to combat crime and violence in 2017.

Among the measures will be the splitting of the ST James Police Division to bring more resources to deal with the problems in the parish.

Mr Montague says two naval ships will arrive in the island on January 21 from the Netherlands for the Jamaica Defence Force Coast Guard, to patrol the seas in order to secure the nation’s borders.

He adds that a surveillance plane will also arrive later this year, which will provide additional protection and security for Jamaica’s borders to prevent the trafficking of guns and ammunition.

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Meanwhile, Mr. Montague notes that 40 rank-and-file members of the JCF will be travelling to Cuba for training with dogs that have been acquired.

The national security minister points out that 200 more vehicles will be added to the JCF fleet in order to enable every police station to respond appropriately to various occurrences.

Mr Montague also points to an expansion of the closed-circuit television network.

Regarding legislation, he notes that several changes are coming to the Bail, Firearm and Fingerprint Acts.

Mr. Montague was speaking at the JCF’s annual devotional exercise at the Police Commissioner’s Office, in ST Andrew yesterday.

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