Poem by Camhaj


”I heard her cries from distance places from far away lands and familiar faces.

I felt her pain and heard many a man call her disgusting names.

Never ashamed despite her rape and ever so beautiful when she shows her face.

The most beautiful stranger mysteriously attracts strange lovers who pretend to love her for her dollar and just pick the flower to sweet the perfume or leave her after.

Hit and run and then come and go but she goes on despite the poor love.

Rich spirit empty promises no money and empty pockets.

The fury of a woman scorned and left for dead as a new day dawns.

How can you be so strong how can they be so cold how come your story has bin so poorly told.

Your children love you more more than you will ever know but those who hate you hate your offspring’s and this is clearly so has they ask us to cut or hair and no afro and give us restricted access so we cant come and go.

I hope I get half your strength to run through my veins and that your love will be with me always as i can never forget your name AFRICA”.

By Camhaj


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