Acting Police Commissioner Novelette Grant Outlines 90 Day Plan

Acting Police Commissioner, Novelette Grant, has outlined a two-pronged approach, for the management of the force, for the next 90 days.

Ms. Grant is acting as Commissioner for 90 days, as the search continues for a new Police Chief, after Dr. Carl Williams went on retirement on January 6.

Speaking at her first press conference as Acting Commissioner, Ms. Grant said, she had an internal and external agenda.

The acting commissioner stated that the external agenda will put increased focus on violence reduction, maintenance of public order and the re-focusing and retooling of a number of initiatives already in place.

Attention will also be placed on gangs, praedial larceny prevention, anti-narcotics activities, and the get the guns campaign, among others.

Meanwhile, she said her internal agenda, will ensure members are energized to take on what she described as the dangerous and difficult task of policing in Jamaica, particularly in high risk communities.

She indicated the spotlight will be turned on the performance of police men and women.

Ms. Grant began her role as the Acting Commissioner on Saturday, January 7.

She said the police were not promising miracles, but would work with key stakeholders.


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