Jamaica Agriculture Ministry Says No Plastic Rice Found After 55 Tested Samples

Jamaica Agriculture Ministry is reiterating that there is no evidence of plastic in rice samples tested to date.

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A statement from the Agriculture Ministry Karl Samuda says the Bureau of Standards has indicated that there is no indication of contamination in the fifty- five samples of rice tested to date.

The samples of both cooked and uncooked rice were collected from nine locations across the island including from a resident who appeared in a local TV news report on Friday.

The Ministry says the samples were subjected to starch, moisture content, floating and flame tests, as well as Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy analyses.

Minister Samuda says the BSJ will continue to collect and test samples.

He is urging members of the media to be responsible in their reporting on the matter , adding that the situation is being monitored closely

The Ministry statement says several agencies are involved in the government’s response to this potential threat are doing everything to protect consumers.

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