Kyle Comrie & Matthew Palmer,
Both attended the St Catherine High School.
Kyle Comrie is 19yrs of age and Matthew palmer is 18yrs of age.

They formed a music group back in the school days which is known as GAME CHANGERZ But separately Kxng Tyler is the name of Kyle An Matical is the name of Matthew.

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Kyle has legal documents such as his ID which is being process but he already have his passport, TRN & NIS
Matthew has his TRN but his passport and ID is still on HOLD as they are being dealt with.

Kyle & Matthew both have high school diplomas
They both enjoy making music together in their spare time
Kyle & matical are 2 very talented young men who wants to pursue a career in music (DANCEHALL/REGGAE MUSIC) that is.

Contact: 18768794214 & 18762801911
Whatsapp for Kyle: 8794214 / 4750615
Whatsapp for Matthew: 2801911


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