We Need A Marcus Garvey Movie Says Sean Paul

A movie depicting the life and works of national hero Marcus Garvey could soon be made.

Sean Paul, speaking during an interview on the Breakfast Club, a renowned New York Hip-Hop and R&B media platform, said that he has mentioned the idea of a movie to Nick Cannon.

Cannon is currently doing a movie, King of the Dancehall, which focuses on Jamaica’s dancehall culture.

“What I want to get out of it is a charity,”
said Sean Paul while adding he is willing to put money behind the project.

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“I see it as a big blockbuster movie making lots of money, and hopefully it will,”
Sean Paul said.

He said that the Garvey is a very important figure for the black race and argued that in the same way a movie was done about Malcolm X, there should be one about Garvey.

“Every time Jamaican movies are depicted it is a lot about gangsterism and that kind of stuff, which is a big part of the culture. But there is also someone who is an important figure in terms of black liberation,” Sean Paul said of Garvey.

Garvey, Jamaicaโ€™s first National Hero, started the Universal Negro Improvement Association (UNIA), in Jamaica in 1914.

The UNIA, which grew into an international organization, encouraged self-government for black people worldwide; self-help economic projects and protest against racial discrimination.

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