Sean Paul Says Its A Rumour That He Eats P***y

Sean Paul was being interviewed on the Breakfast Club, a renowned New York Hip-Hop and R&B media platform.

“Yes, I eat p*m p*m but …,’ Sean Paul said.

He quickly recanted stating: “It is a rumour that I eat p*m p*m,” a laughing Sean Paul said.

“No, I don’t eat p*m p*m,” he then said.

When pressed, Sean Paul said: “No sah, it don’t have a wrapper. You have to pull off the wrapper. It has to be fresh.”

Sean Paul stopped by The Breakfast Club to talk about his new music, as well as being from Jamaica. Charlamagne thought he might be from the Bronx, but Sean Paul put him in his place. The “Temperature” sing also talked about his dream to make a movie about Jamaican icon Marcus Garvey, eating pum pum, and having a small cameo in Nick Cannon’s new movie.

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