Peter Bunting Says – Ban On Gun Imports Could Hurt Jamaica

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Peter Bunting, the Opposition spokesman on national security, has warned that Jamaica’s security could be at risk following the imposition of a ban on the export of guns from the United States.

“A prolonged suspension of firearms exports from the USA could have very negative implications for firearm dealers, the security forces, and ultimately the nation’s safety,” Bunting, a former national security minister said.

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The United States on Thursday announced it has suspended the export of guns to Jamaica following the recent worrying developments at the Firearm Licensing Authority (FLA).

The FLA has been at the centre of a growing controversy since Patrick Powell was freed of the murder of a schoolboy and revelations that his main file at the authority has gone missing.

“In light of recent events concerning Jamaica’s Firearm Licensing Authority, the U.S. Embassy is reviewing the firearm export licensing approval process,” an Embassy spokesperson said.

Bunting said the Government must move swiftly to take corrective measures to regain the confidence of the public and of Jamaica’s international partners. 

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