Money From Jamaican Weed Wash In Valais Switzerland

Irina Mossi “Just for One Night“

USTICE – A Vaudois had participated in the biggest Valaisan business of laundering narco dollars. 

He was tried Thursday in Martigny.

The court of Martigny judged on Thursday a Waldensian economist, accused of being one of the accomplices of the biggest business of bleaching that knew the Valais. The court had already ruled last October the Valais brain (22 months suspended sentence) and two other accomplices, a French and a Belgian (240 and 210 days suspended). 

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They had laundered nearly eight million Canadian dollars from the proceeds of a Canadian gang of drug traffickers.

Against the Vaudois, the Public Prosecution requested a fine of 240 days, suspended. 

The defence pleaded the acquittal. The verdict will be released later. Pinned in 2009, the quartet was active in the European part of this case, which began in Canada in 1997 with the discovery of a large cannabis traffic with Jamaica via the USA, in particular more than eight tons of cannabis. In total, 48 million Canadian dollars were seized, 5.5 of them in Switzerland. 

The latter amount will be shared between the State of Valais and the Confederation.

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