Metropop Festival 2016

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Metropop Festival 2016

3 days of festivities with three styles of music, such is the Metropop’s trademark. And this year was no exception to the rule.

This is a note artistically positive with 4500 entries 2016 edition closes despite questions about festival. A first evening somewhat back to the level of sales, but that has not stopped the public Wax Tailor and Vitalic dance.

It had premiered his new show Tour ODC in a visual explosion while Wax Tailor ignited the room with a funky groove. The rock evening unbridled passion and vertigo including the British show of The Kills.

The mesmerizing Alison Mosshart and Hince jamie guitarist capsized the hearts of fans of the public came especially for them. White Lies presented his new album with the flavours of a new wave revisited version 2016. As for the first part, Jetlakes the Geneva ensured a performance style that predicts their best for their future. Saturday, the Metropole room was unleashed on the sounds of an eclectic reggae.

The Jamaican Anthony B true to his charisma, has delighted fans as the French group Danakil which the public has taken in its choir committed refrains. The Italian Alborosie took the Metropop on the planet reggae with heat So on a positive note as artistically 2016 edition ends despite questions about the sustainability of the festival.

Indeed, the framework conditions are good year after year for good reason: the pills increase, the room rental costs have soared, the Lausanne tax on entertainment (14%!) Or stagnant government support could have because of a weak balance sheet.




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