ZJ Rush Angry Over Haiti Bashing – Jamaica Also Has Voodoo Background

International Dancehall producer-selector ZJ Rush has spoken out against Jamaicans who have drawn the conclusions that Haiti was battered by Hurricane Matthew because they practise voodoo.

Rush  pointed out that Haiti and Jamaica have the same historical background and said that voodoo is also Jamaican culture if one should visit the history books. 

The ZJ holds the view that Jamaicans who discriminate against African culture are reasoning with ignorance at its best and should refrain from unfairly passing judgement on Haiti.

“Stop bashing Haiti by using voodoo as a spiritual excuse for their natural disasters. The Haitian Revolution was symbolic first, and it was led by a Jamaican voodoo priest. It was also the catalyst for the freedom and independence we now enjoy. Know your roots and big up Haiti,” he commented.

The DJ also believes that local schools should direct some of their focus towards reversing the effects of slavery through education. 

Persons of African descent were taught that their culture and looks were not to be celebrated. He believes this explains why voodoo is viewed as taboo to Jamaicans and also one of the causes of skin bleaching.

“Slave owners banned African religions in the colonies and forced Christianity on to the slaves. Voodoo, which was simply an African religion, was made to seem evil and demonic, in the same way paganism (a belief system based on loving nature) was also tarnished. People today hate pagans and voodoo and don’t even realise that they were taught to do so because of an agenda by a racist pro-slavery Christian Europe. Traditional voodoo preaches love, one god, and has nothing to do with poking dolls and evil witchcraft,” he said. “Since the negative image of voodoo and everything pro-Africa was taught to blacks, then teaching can reverse this mindset. It’s time to use our schools to educate about the glory of Kemet, Nubia, and our African heritage. Never is this more needed than now with so many bleaching their skin.”

Appalled by the ignorance spewed on social media on a daily basis, the DJ plans to launch his own platform to educate viewers on social issues. He also hinted that he would be releasing singles of his own in coming weeks.

Hurricane Matthew killed more than 800 people in Haiti, in the process, displacing thousands from their homes. Both Jamaica and Haiti have experienced natural disasters over the years.

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