Vybz Kartel – Round Corna – TJ Records

Vybz Kartel – Round Corna – TJ Records

Vybz Kartel sends shots at Mavado and Alklaine in this scorching newly
released song called “Round Corna”, as a respond to Mavado’s own diss
track titled “Brawla”. 

 In this video we write out and read out loud
every word for “Round Corna”, while uncovering other things along with
giving our opinion. 

Big Yard
Gun shot inna face
A suh the AK blast
Suh the Gaad head tear off
Baay stray dawg have yuh brain fi breakfast
Too ears hard
Hold dis inna yuh ears part
A Addy run Gaza dung a fifth phase
Not even a badwud cyaa cuss inna mi place
If mi nuh gi nuh permission weh the f**k unno think
Mi mek the gully bwoi run leff Cassava Piece
A suh the likkle fish fast”

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