Spice Says Rio Sports Gala Promoters Are “Hypocrites”

In an blame game, female dancehall deejay Grace Hamilton a.k.a Spice is setting the record straight following her mishap at the recently concluded Rio Sports Gala and Awards Ceremony 2016 put on by the Jamaican government.

Spice was criticisms following her performance at the event. Meanwhile, some criticized the organizers for booking her.

The event’s main organizer Lenford Salmon in an article was quoted as saying Spice failed to show up for a technical rehearsal. In addition, Mr. Salmon claims that they were assured by Spice’s team that the deejay would have adjusted her lyrics and dress appropriately for the occasion.

But according to Spice, his claims are all lies. In an exclusive radio interview, Spice describes the action as hypocritical.

As for critics who believed Spice should have tailored her set to suit the occasion she had this to say.

Spice was laced with heavy criticisms following her performance that was met with blank stares from an audience which included the Prime Minister, sports personalities and other government officials.

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