Parents Organising Peaceful Demonstration – Violence Against Jamaica Children

Irina Mossi “Just for One Night“

Parents the PTA is organising a one-hour (7am-8am) peaceful demonstration against “Violence Against Jamaica’s Children” for Monday, October 31st outside the front of JC from the front gate to entrance of Ravinia.  

We want all parents to support and come dressed in black.  

We will speak to the GOJ about reconsidering a student transportation system and our Board Chair will launch a Reward Fund of $50,000.00 toward the capture and conviction of Nicholas’ killer.  

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We hope others will match it.  

We want to send a message to Jamaica that our children are our future and we must protect, encourage and nurture them.  

We have the support of the National Parents Association, the Office of the Children’s Advocate, the Minister of Education, the school community and the media.  

Please come out in your numbers and support us as we seek to support Nicholas’ family.   

His death must not be in vain.  See you promptly at 7am on Monday, 31st October..

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