MC Nuffy Says Alkaline Is Not To Be Compare With Vybz Kartel

Irina Mossi “Just for One Night“

Veteran MC and media personality MC Nuffy has lash out against local bloggers for comparing dancehall newcomer Alkaline to peoples king of dancehall Vybz Kartel.

According to Nuffy, who now hosts a morning show on a popular local radio station, Alkaline is not in Vybz Kartel’s bracket. The MC said Alkaline is talented, however, his career is still in its infancy stage. He also said Alkaline has not even surpassed Assassin, Don Andre, or Jahmiel.

“Right now, dem fi stop compare Alkaline with Vybz Kartel. Is a good youth and he has far to go, but yu can’t size up the big man with baby. Alkaline not even gone three year inna the music good. Vybz Kartel have bout six different ways to deejay in dancehall, and Alkaline thief three and him not even master dem yet. Mi a tell di people dem on the Internet who a blog and don’t have anything to blog, stop the comparison it is not a good look. It is not doing nothing for Alkaline, and it can’t do nothing for him,” Nuffy said.

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The MC also warned viewers to be careful what they read on the Internet and interpret as facts. “How can you believe a man that has not performed for his people is better than Vybz Kartel? Mi nuh rate dat. You can’t seh yu a hot artiste and not performing in Jamaica for the people dem? A damage control him a duh? Yu a use wi music. Don’t disrespect the general,” he said.

He implored bloggers to sign up for a journalism school. “Unno bruck and nuh have no money but unno just want people see unno. Fake and false news will not work. people, if unno not getting information from Bess FM, THE STAR and other corporate media houses, don’t follow dem likkle corrupt blog here,” he said.

Vybz Kartel and Alkaline both released chart topping albums with meagre sales in 2016. Both have also fell from top 10 on the reggae Billboard chart recently.

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