Jahmiel – Wedding Ring Lyrics

And if you nuh have a ring already
A me fi put it on girl
A me fi put it on girl
A me fi be you man
A you fi be the one

If you married already
The feelings wouldn’t gone girl
We just have to carry on girl
A me fi be you man
A you fi be the one

(Verse 1)
When rasta roll up nuh pass mi no cup
Mi nuh drink high grade mi smoke nough
Look to the side si a girl a pose up
Shi get 10 out a 10, mi give her mi thumbs up
When mi in a the party a linger
Mi a look pon the left finger
Mi nuh si no wedding ring
Mi seh anything a anything

(Pre Chorus)
Looking at you right now
Beautiful like wow
Girl you a one in a million
Skin clean shi nuh bleach and shi nuh wear weave
Shi seh shi nuh waan no Brazilian
Princess you should be with I
Cause as a rasta youth mi love the natural type
And a that’s why

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Girl, you wedding couldn’t be much sooner
A that’s why mi meet you under da moon yah
You all inspire da chune yah
Looking at you is like looking at my future
A voice inside mi tell mi seh fi touch the road
And as mi reach the dance a she mi si
Suh mi know a me da girl yah really fit

(Repeat Pre Chorus & Chorus)

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