American Teen Arrested For Stealing JMD $20m Worth Of Jamaican Cheese

Irina Mossi Love Detective

An American teen is now facing prison time after being accused of stealing more than $20.5 million worth of Jamaican Tastee cheese from a warehouse in Moonachie, New Jersey.

Eighteen-year-old Darluis Ortiz was arrested this week and slapped with charges of theft, burglary, conspiracy, and possessing burglary tools, according to NBC New York.

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When the accused cheese thief appeared in court on Thursday October 13, 2016, prosecutors alleged that he stole pallets of Tastee Cheese Products valued at US$160,000 (or just over JMD $20.5 million) on September 23. It then took investigators two weeks to track him down.

Ortiz, who was being held in the Bergen County jail, was offered bail at US$150,000 (JMD$19.2 million)

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