Shabako Biography

In the year 1991 the earth gave witness to the birth of Dwayne Shabako Stewart now popularly known as “Shabako”.

Born in the parish of Kingston and resided in the old capital of Spanish town, Eltham park to be exact with his mother and other relatives where music was a close member of the family, 

The young man after three (3) years of his early life later moved to the parish of Westmorland to live with his grandmother by his fathers side for the next 15 years of his life and once again was surrounded by music in his household due to his favourite uncle who had a second to none love for music and made his own sound system by the name of warr paxx international which played the likes of all genre of music and somewhere around the yard you could hear shabako’s little voice singing to a few of the old time hits,music gradually became his first love throughout his early childhood days which led him to the likes of the j.c.d.c festival for schools as a drummer.

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While back at school many school mates found joy in having the only young original Dj as their friend who went by the name of “antsman” who maintained his young fans and friends by freestyling a few lines every now and then but music didn’t stop there,this extraordinary artist that we bare witness to today later found himself after completing both primary and secondary level education and moved back to Kingston. Freestyling lyrics for friends alongside his littler brother brought them both to the realization that this was ordained so they began to write and performed at numerous events due to quality level of classic song writing,however.

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Like many the road for the artist was never an entirely smooth one due to relocation,hardships and multiple disappointments,but that didn’t deter him from reaching his goal to become a legend,given the name “kritical” for his hard hitting dancehall lyrics the artist later changed his name to Shabako as he changed the way he remembered music in his earlier years of life to be more positive and soul rendering so that mamma can hold her vibes,inspired by nature and life the reggae/dancehall promises to deliver clean,healthy music so it can touch others even deeper than it did to make him the artist most of us know now and the one that all will come to love in the blink of an eye.

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