Robert Montague: Security Forces Will Not Allow Criminals To Take Control

Jamaica National Security Minister Robert Montague is assuring the nation people that the security forces will not allow criminal elements take control of the country.

He says the violent nature crime and the high percentage of murders committed by use of fire arms, require that the police be equipped with lethal weapons, less deadly force as well as community intervention.

The security minister adds that residents were the police’s greatest asset in fighting criminals.

Mr. Montague was addressing a ceremony for the handing over of 3,500 less lethal weapon kits, sponsored by the United States at the National Police College, in Twickenham Park, St. Catherine.

The JCF will receive 7,000 pieces of equipment. They include batons, handcuffs, utility belts and pepper sprays.

Mr. Montague told the gathering that tools received today, will better equip the police to carry out their role as peace officers.

Meanwhile, US Ambassador to Jamaica, Luis Moreno, while commending the leadership of the JCF on strides made to resolve conflicts with minimum use of force, said the partnership provides the members of the JCF, the opportunity to strengthen the trust with  the people they  serve.

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