Rita Marley Hospitalized After Having A Storke

Irina Mossi Love Detective

Rita Marley is currently hospitalized after suffering a medical stroke.

Mrs Marley was in Miami earlier this week for an event but was rushed to a hospital after having what appears to be a stroke. 

At the time of this press release, she was still hospital in serious condition.

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Members of the Marley family including her two sons Ziggy and Stephen Marley have rushed to be by her side, sources told us. 

The family has been tight-lipped about her condition, but our sources are saying that she is in serious condition.

Rita Marley, born Alpharita Anderson, is the widow of reggae legend Bob Marley. 

The pair got married in 1966 where she went on to birth three of Bob’s kids Ziggy, Cedella and Stephen Marley.

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