REV. Al Miller Fined $1m Or One Year In Prison For Transporting ‘Dudus’

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Reverend Merrick ‘Al’ Miller, addressing the media after his sentencing

Reverend Merrick ‘Al’ Miller has been fined $1 million or 12 months in prison. He was sentenced in the Kingston and St. Andrew Parish Court on Thursday and has been given until next Tuesday to pay the fine.
Miller was found guilty on July 22 of attempting to pervert the course of justice.
Miller, who heads the Fellowship Tabernacle Church in St. Andrew, was charged in relation to transporting fugitive Christopher Dudus Coke in June 2010. 

The cops said he tried to elude them with the fugitive, who was in his vehicle wearing a wig.
During the sentencing hearing Thursday morning, Mr. Miller’s attorney, Jacqueline Samuels Brown, insisted that he was taking Christopher Dudus Coke to the US Embassy for him to surrender to American authorities.
She said Miller was concerned about keeping the peace in the country during the turbulent period. 

She added that her client was assisting the police when he intervened in the matter and expressed disappointment with members of the High Command for refusing to testify at the trial.

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Mrs. Samuels Brown urged the Parish Judge not to impose a custodial sentence.

The popular clergyman, members of his family and congregation expressed relief when Judge Simone Wolf Reece accepted the pleadings of his attorney not to send him to prison.
In passing sentence, Mrs Wolf Reece, argued that Reverend Miller had committed a serious offence. However, she told him that his track record of service to Jamaica weighed heavily in his favour in not facing any prison time.
In a statement to the media following his sentencing, Reverend Miller again explained that his actions were in the interest of the country. 

He said the situation was a crisis that enveloped Jamaica, resulted in the loss of multiple lives, the country losing millions of dollars and the destruction of Jamaica’s image.
However, he indicated that he does not intend to carry the case any further.

“If the governing authorities through its agents – the police and the courts – are content to reward my service to a nation in crisis with a criminal record. then I am content to accept it. I will not appeal the decision of the court,
” declared the clergyman. 

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