Jamaican Government Get Warning From Medical Ganja Researcher

A Ganja Medical Researcher is warning the Jamaican government not to make the same mistake that Canada did with its cannabis license which left several investors empty handed after lawmakers there relaxed the ganja laws.

Co-strategist on medical cannabis with the Ministry of Health in Israel, Boaz Wachtel, is calling on the Jamaican authorities to ensure that prospective cannabis growers are given the necessary permits before being allowed to cultivate ganja to avoid financial losses on the part of investors.

Mr. Wachtel who was speaking at the inaugural staging of the Caribbean premier Cannabis Conference and Expo CANEX, in Montego Bay on Friday, says approximately one thousand persons were granted permission to grow and produce medical cannabis with the hope of getting their license.

However, only 32  persons were received license to do so.

That mistake, Mr Wachtel says has caused several financial losses to those investors, and as such he is urging the government not to go down that road.

He says the Jamaican authority must first examine the potential investors financial capabilities, before granting them the right to grow, and then issue the license accordingly.

Co-strategist with the Israel’s Ministry of Health Medical Cannabis Program, Boaz Wachtel.

In Jamaica, the Cannabis Licensing Authority CLA is responsible for the issuing of licenses, permits and authorization for the handling of Hemp and Ganja.

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