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Three years after releasing the New Name album, reggae singer Janine Cunningham aka Jah9 presents the her second studio album , simply titled 9. The new creation is launched on the label VP Records both digital and can be purchased on CD or vinyl.

It is no coincidence that the launch of the new album was scheduled for nine of the ninth month of the year.  Jah9 things that lead to a mystical creation related to number 9 , explaining this as follows :

Nine is the number of change , after nine Because it starts all over and a new cycle begins . This record is 9 for 9 All That Means. For all that I am as well.

track-list :

1. Humble Me
2. Prosper
3. Hardcore
4. unafraid
5. In The Spirit
6. The midst
7. Natural Vibe
8. Baptised
9. Greatest Threat To The Status Quo feat Vaughn ” Akae Beka ” Benjamin

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